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New York Medical Associates

New York Medical Associates, PC (NYMA) was established in 1994 when several faculty members of the NYU School of Medicine joined their practices of Medicine and Cardiology together to create a group practice devoted to clinical excellence and patient service. Our physicians are active teaching faculty members of the NYU School of Medicine, have published and contributed to their areas of expertise in peer review journals, and have been recognized for their achievements in both publications and professional societies.

We remain focused on bringing the best care available to its patients in an atmosphere of dignity, compassion, and comfort. In addition, we understand that disease expression and wellness preservation are best understood in the context of a patient’s social and emotional environment. Our principal clinical services are Cardiology, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Internal Medicine, and Integrative Cardiology. We invite you to explore these service descriptions, and would be happy to answer any questions about us or our practice by email info@nymamed.com or telephone (212) 439-6690.